Listeria Outbreak : What Are The Symptoms?

Gael Paul | October 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

With the alarming news that thousands of listeria contaminated cantaloupes originated from the Jensen Farms located in Colorado have caused over 70 people in 25 states (while the fruits were originally sold in only 25 states authorities have confirmed that the outbreak has spread over into other neighboring states) to have fallen terribly ill and have killed at least 13 others, many Americans are searching for answers on how to protect themselves and love ones from this outbreak and are trying to figure out what are the symptoms of listeria.

Despite being one of the deadliest food intoxication since 1998 there are few simple measures that can be taken to prevent the bacteria from entering your body in the first place – especially if you fall in one of these categories – pregnant, elderly, infant or you have an immune deficiency due to AIDS, liver disease, diabetes etc…

If you are certain that the cantaloupe you are about to eat is not from Colorado simply wash it thoroughly with cold tap water before consuming it.

But it the fruit is from the Jensen Farms, there is only one solution – throw it away immediately because unlike other bacterias like Escherichia coli/E. coli listeria can survive harsh refrigerator temperatures for several years.

If you have eaten cantaloupe-laced listeria monocytogenes here are the symptoms that you should be attentive to in the upcoming weeks or even month:

People who have been infected by listeria monocytogenes often complain of vomiting, in some cases they are falling victim of diarrhea.

Other common symptoms include fever, headache and muscle ache.

While it is rare sometime the infection can attack the nervous system and cause convulsions, pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, confusion and loss of balance.

If any of these symptoms occur you are asked to see a doctor immediately and if you have the impression that you may have eaten listeria-contaminated cantaloupe you should also see your health specialist right away.

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